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Friday 24 April 2015

Teabreak Teaser

   Considering Number 14’s {the doctor in A B and C} apparent delight at Number 6 having beaten Number 2. Is it possible that Number 14 knew that she was being followed by Number 6, and therefore led him to the laboratory in the woods?



  1. A conspiracy theory would perhaps go like this: the doctor, No. 14, was well aware of No. 6 following her. Because she was actually a plant on No. 2. She'd leave No. 6 continue until eventually he defeated No. 2. Who - e.g. - had fallen out of favour within the hierarchy but who was also too "important" to just drop him or get rid of him. Maybe he'd been so influential to become the Village leader while somebody else was originally slated. As we can see, he's mentally weak at the end of the episode. And that would be taken against him, to force his fall out. - BCNU!

    1. Hello Arno,
      That's a fair conspiracy theory, I particularlly like the "fall out" aspect.
      For myself I like to think that No.14 knew No.6 was following her to the laboratory. And so purposely having led him there, knew that he would find an entry point, and once inside realised that he would carry out an act of sabotage. Thus No.6 would unwittingly be assiting No.14 in exacting her revenge upon No.2 for his earlier treatment of her. In having forced her to use her new drug before clinical tests had been carried out. Along with the threat of using the drug on her!

      Very kind regards

    2. Yes, absolutely justified, agree! Mine is a bit more a forced attempt.The travelers are back. - BCNU!