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Thursday 30 April 2015


    Number 6 needed that Electropass in order to bypass the alarm system of the helicopter. Number 9 had that Electropass, the device was secreted inside a wristwatch. Why put the device inside a wristwatch? Perhaps it was a matter of convenience. The date of the wristwatch was the 19th. This has given the impression that Number 6 had been abducted on the 18th, the day before his birthday. But of course we do not know the month, it could have been any month, including March. But personally I go for the month of September.
    So where did Number 9 get the Electropass? She told Number 6 that she knew the last pilot, presumably in the biblical sense. The way Number 9 tells it to Number 6 gives the impression that she gave her sexual favours in exchange for the
Electro Pass. If that was the case poor Number 9 was used, and being used by everyone. The helicopter pilot, Cobb, Number 2, as well as Number 6. The impression is that Number 9 worked undercover in The Village, working for Number 2 she was assigned to Cobb, and later to Number 6. She didn’t know the last pilot in any sense of the word, because Number 2 gave her the Electropass just as Number 6 surmised. Number 9 was a pawn, everyone in The Village is a pawn, even Number 66 the ex-Admiral knew that much. It might be that Number 9 is an expendable pawn, although she had done nothing wrong, but we do not see her again. But if not expendable perhaps Number 9 was assigned to other citizens for reasons we as the viewer are not privy. Because there is much which takes place within The Village unbeknown to the viewer, that much must surely stand to reason. 

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