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Friday 24 April 2015


    Two never once asked Six why he resigned! That’s simply because it isn’t about information, information, information. It’s about making Six change his mind. Two wants to hand The Village on to Six. He would hand it on to his son, and he hoped that there would be grandchildren to keep the Two dynasty going in the future. But his son, 11-12 is a homosexual! Plus he is born of The Village, so therefore he doesn’t physically exist, which doesn’t prove to be very conducive to Two’s plans. And so there is Six. But all Six wants to do is to escape!
   Michael is however, Six’s counterpart, his other self in
New York. He’s been picked up by an agent working for Summakor. Lucy is de-briefing Michael in his apartment, and it is actually she who asks Michael why he resigned. But it’s only very briefly, and the question is soon brushed under the carpet. It’s not that important you see, because although Michael resigned, they are still controlling him. He may be in his New York apartment, but he’s already there, in The Village, he just doesn’t know it. In fact he was there the moment he resigned! Oh there was no hearse, no undertakers with a coffin. There wasn’t any need to take Michael physically to The Village.
   In the end Six accepts The Village, Two saw to it that he had no choice in the matter. Unlike the original series which just repeats itself in a vicious circle, whereas at the end of this series there is the opportunity to make a better Village, a moral Village. But looking at the material Michael has to work with, a mentally disturbed Sarah, I don’t reckon his chances that great.
    To be able to make a better Village one has to be pure in mind, and mentally strong. Also Two has to be fully dedicated to The Village, to believe in it with a passion like his predecessor who probably grew to hate it equally as much. Otherwise he wouldn’t have been looking to pass The Village on to Six. Once he had done that, he could achieve his own escape, with the aid of a hand grenade!
   Unlike in the original series where The Village is left abandoned after the evacuation, The Village at the end of this series simply vanishes, leaving Michael and Sarah to construct a new Village. With Michael taking up his position in The Control Room on the Purpose Floor of the Summakor building, and Six and 313 sitting in the desert, Sarah was already dreaming. A tear ran down 313’s cheek, perhaps she was crying because she knew what kind of Village Sarah, her other self back in
New York would dream. 313 had been happy in The Village, but it would no longer be a sanctuary for her. Sarah had begun to impinge on her thoughts in The Village before, 313 had seen her in the mirror. But now Sarah is The Village, and a more nightmarish place could not be dreamt!

Breathe in…. breathe out……Village life goes on.
Be seeing you

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