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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

A Favourite Scene In The Prisoner

When Number 6 is busy carving out the hull of his boat, from the trunk of a tree, and eventually joined by Number 2.
    “I say, what is it?”
   What is it indeed! Apparently it doesn’t make any sense without the whole group. There’ll be three pieces. Of course Number 6 thinks he’s being clever, that he’s deceiving Number 2. But Number 6 is perhaps being too clever for his own good, certainly he’s not deceiving Number 2, because Number 2 knows only too well what Number 6 is up to, and is only too happy let him get on with it. I’ve sometimes thought that give Number 6 enough rope and he’s bound to hang himself. And Number 2 will sit quietly watching from the comfort of his chair, while he does it!

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