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Sunday 20 July 2014

A Right Free For All!

    “Look At Them Brainwashed Imbeciles. Can you laugh, can you cry, can you think?                           
                                                                                      {Number 6 - Free For All}
   So this is it is it? The working democracy of The Village, a 20th century Bastille that pretends to be a pocket democracy! Is it the result of failed previous No.2's, to wind up as brainwashed and incorporated onto the Town Council? After all the members of the Town Council are sub-divided Number 2's, 2a 2b 2c 2d 2e 2f 2g 2h 2i 2j 2k 2l but none have a vote, none have a voice as a Council member. And as brainwashed imbeciles all must receive the best medical care, being unable to look after themselves.
    There are 12 members of the Town Council, with Number 2 having the casting vote. But I cannot see that any such casting vote could ever possibly be needed. Everything would be carried unanimously, just as the vote of thanks to Number 6 was carried unanimously.
  But why bother, I mean why bother to have a Town Council at all? Surely it wasn't for the sole benefit of Number 6, unless of course this electoral process has been used to the same effect on other certain citizens of the village;
       "Is this, is this what they did to you? Is this how they tried to break you till they got what they were after?"
    In their heads is there a remnant of a brain, in their hearts the desire to be a human being again. Not if they have all undergone the treatment which the doctors at the hospital so readily recommend... a leucotomy. The dislocation of the aggressive frontal lobes, which would explain their passiveness on the podiums.
    It was once said of Number 6 "that he plays a fine game," well so too does the village. And in that perhaps lies their Achilles heel, they like to 'play the game' rather than take direct action against Number 6. Anyone else they don't bother about, not men of the same calibre as No.6, a man whom they see as having a future with them. Lucky for Number 6 then, that he was not co-opted onto the Town Council. But then he wouldn’t be would he, seeing as Number 6 hadn’t been elected as the new Number 2 when he faced the Town Council. Because it appears to me that such a Council is made up by previous Number 2’s, in all probability the price for their failure!

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