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Wednesday 30 July 2014

Assassination Relace With Execution!

    They're Not Going To Shoot You. They're Going To Blow You Up! And part of that plan to assassinate/execute the retiring No.2, was to get No.6 involved. It was a question of credibility, without which the plan might backfire......well it did, didn't it?
    But No.6 is a cautious man, even if caution in a man like No.6 seems so wrong. But why pick No.6 in the first place? I would have thought that any plan which involves No.6 would be tantamount to failure. No.1, along with the blond interim No.2, the heir presumptive, must have been of the opinion that No.6's word, and reputation, counts for something in The Village. However we all know what No.6 is like. He doesn't settle down, and definitely doesn't get involved, unless it suits him. So why this sudden care about what happens to the innocent citizens of The Village? He's never cared about them before!
   But it can also be said, that No.6 is never one to pass up on an opportunity, whatever that opportunity might be. So he turns his attention to the imminent assassination/execution of the retiring No.2. This must be prevented for the sake of No.51's father, for all the citizens' sake. But what of No.2, who has just returned to The Village from a spell of leave - I mean what No.2 has ever left The Village to go on holiday before? But the point is, that when No.6 goes to pay No.2 a call to inform him of an assassination plot against him.
    "Number Six isn't it? I've been expecting you" No.2 informs his visitor.
    "I want to see Number Two" No.6 informs the man sat in the chair.
    "I am Number Two. You've come to tell me that there's a plot against my life, haven't you."
    And of course the conversation between the two men continues. But the fact of the matter is, that for a man like No.2, who has enjoyed such a long term of office in the village, has been such an active and energetic No.2, so much so that he's allowed to take a spell of leave, No.6 doesn't recognise who No.2 is! No.6 is confused {and he's not the only one} because he's reported one assassination plot to No.2, but not to this one. To No.2, No.6 is a man who has "cried Wolf" too many times - he's a Jammer!
    But to have No.6 involved in such an assassination/execution plot, must have been something of a calculated risk. For No.6 does not assign his loyalties to anyone, other than that for his own self-preservation. What does No.6 care for the little watchmaker he's never met him before! As for the mass reprisals against the innocent citizens of The Village for the false assassination of No.2, how did No.6 know what The Village's administration would do? The trouble is, No.6 can never refuse a damsel in distress, and the interim No.2, the heir presumptive knows, and plays on that chink in No.6's armour.
    Escape is not the game in ‘It's Your Funeral, more in the way of self-preservation, of both No.6 and that of the citizens, to be saved from a Village purge of its malcontents! Yes No.6 does get the detonator of the bomb in the Great Seal of Office which hangs about the head and shoulders of No.2, and then about the shoulders of the new No.2. Eventually No.6 hands the retiring No.2 the detonator, as it's his passport out of The Village, no-one would challenge it. So why didn't No.6 use the detonator as his passport out of The Village? Because who was there No.6 could trust to stop the new No.2 from removing the Great Seal of Office from his shoulders, as No.6 does, while the retiring No.2 departs in the helicopter.
   So mark this, and mark it well. If you have any plan, any plan of any kind, and you want that plan to succeed. Don't, under any circumstances, involve No.6 in any way!

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  1. "Assassination Relace With Execution!"

    Relace? Is Assassination a brand of shoewear?!

    Your writing over the past few days has been very poor in places. Do you not know how the English language works and do you not have a spellchecker?

    1. Anonymous, are you really unable to get the meaning of a text or word when there's a letter missing or wrong?
      Not Anonymous

    2. David has censored my reply to you. So much for free speech on this blog!

    3. I read that disgraceful comment from you, before it was quite rightly removed. To call it free speech really is rich coming from someone who snipes from behind a mask of anonymity. Criticism is one thing, personal insult is quite another. In case you hadn’t noticed this is a site devoted to The Prisoner - not a place for you to air your personal grudge.

      John Darke

  2. Some of life's most entertaining moments have come from "tupos"!