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Monday 14 July 2014

All Our Convention Yesterdays

   Due to a request from a reader of my blog for more pictures from bygone Prisoner Conventions, I am pleased to post the following pictures which were taken during the Election parade re-enactment at the 1994 Prisoner convention. 
"I am not a number, I am a free man!"
 "I intend to discover who the Prisoners, and who the warders."
Number 6 strides out as he takes the initiative in the election.
"Six for Two, Six for Two, Six for Two. Vote, vote, vote!"
  There were so many people taking part in that re-enactment that the people in the above picture couldn't get either on the lawn, or down on the quay to see Number 6 deliver his speech from the forecastle of the Stone Boat!
   The 1994 convention saw for the first time, a re-enactment of the fencing scene from 'The Schizoid Man.' what's more we used real fencing foils. Hundreds of people stood watching, as Number 6 and Number 6 fought it out, and the end of which Rover had to intervene and herd the two aggressive 6's away! I had never handled a fencing foil before, let alone fence with one, and in order to see that safety was carried out, the scene had to be carefully choreographed. The audience were certainly impressed. And that was the thing, my wife and I always liked to perform new and exciting re-enactments at conventions which had never been performed before. Many of which contained action sequences, including fight scenes.

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  1. 3rd attempt at this comment - the others just kept disappearing!!!!
    Dear David,
    Very interesting to read about the attention to detail and preparation you put into the re-enactments. The photos look as though they are from the 'real' Prisoner ......and soo many people to perform in front of! More please :)
    Best wishes,

    1. Hello Anna,
      Nice to be reading you again, to mis-quote Madam Professor.
      I'm happy you have enjoyed reading "All Our Convention Yesterdays,' I shall endeavour to find more for you. I shall have to go delving into the archive.

      Very best wishes