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Thursday 10 July 2014

Quote For The day

    "What crime did she commit?"
    "Nervous tension that's all, she's come here to recuperate."
    "How much are you charging her?"
    "I've done nothing wrong, I've committed no crime. All I did was reign."
    "No use telling me."
                                     {Number 6, Number 2, Nadia - The Chimes of Big Ben}

    Yes, and its no good telling us either. They should get their story right. Which is it, that Nadia Rakovsky was brought to The Village because of nervous tension? Or that she resigned? The first is unlikely, very unlikely in fact. And so Number 2 in telling Number 6 that Nadia was brought to The Village to recuperate from nervous tension, he was being facetious! In any case it's all lies, Nadia Rakovsky {if that be her name} was brought to The Village as a plant. And her story of having resigned, a clever ploy on her part, so that Number 6 in having himself resigned and brought to The Village, would have sympathetic tendencies towards Nadia for that very same reason.

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