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Saturday 12 July 2014

Caught On Camera!

    Number 2 is a very charming man Number 8 observed, and she would expect his assistant to be the same. I have to say that Number 6 does give the appearance of being Number 2's assistant, there is a rapport between them. And in time, in a way albeit very loosely, Number 6 is assigned to Number 8. Yes I realise it's actually the other way round, but Number 6 is the "old hand" in The Village. He teaches Nadia Rakovsky about the fact that there are no self-drive cars in The Village, only taxis. Local service only, which will take you anywhere you like, just as long as you end up back in The Village in the end, that's why they're called local. Number 6 had to find that fact out for himself! He even teaches Nadia that no names are used in The Village, he is Number 6 {the first time he acknowledges his number} and she is Number Eight. And about non-alcoholic whisky twenty-four work units, and non-alcoholic vodka sixteen work units. Its no wonder Number 8 thought Number 6 was Number 2's assistant, seeing how charming he was with her. But of course that's simply for the television viewer, at that time we didn't know Number 8 was a plant!

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