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Sunday 27 July 2014

File No.6

   This is a copy of the map drawn by No.6, which he includes in the amended wallet of the dead man, along with a picture of himself and a letter or missive which begins "To whoever may find this.........."
     In 'Dance of the Dead,' No.6 amends the dead man's wallet, ties the body to a lifebelt, and sets it adrift in the sea, so that it should be picked up by a passing boat or ship. In the previous episode of 'Many Happy Returns,' No.6 sets out as navigator in a Gloster Meteor jet, to discover the location of The Village, and has a very precise search area, covering many thousands of miles. But nevertheless, No.6 does navigate the jet aircraft and does find The Village. So it must be that now, at the end of 'Many Happy Returns,' that No.6 knows the precise location, co-ordinates, of The Village. So why is it that only the four points of the compass are marked on the map? Where is the longitude and latitude? And the name of the Sea, it's not on the map, simply the Sea! So unless the name of the Sea, and the longitude and latitude of the Village is noted down in the accompanying letter, then this map is utterly useless!
    When you take into account that the episode 'Dance of the Dead,' was originally to have been much earlier in the actual screening order of 'the Prisoner' series, placed as the second episode, you will recall that Number 6 say's he's new here, meaning The Village. And to Roland Walter Dutton, he says he's been in The Village quite recently. Then the events of 'Many Happy Returns' will not have taken place. Therefore, when No.6 drew this map, he didn't know the longitude and latitude co-ordinates of The Village, let alone what Sea it is. And therefore, in that case, this map is not just utterly useless - it's completely and utterly useless!

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  1. And to Walter Roland Walter Dutton, he says he's been in The Village quite recently."

    This sentence needs waltering down a bit.

  2. Anonymous, somehow you seem similar to those henchmen in A Change Of Mind, hoping that "The committee will not be pleased!" But really, I think your committee doesn't have many members.
    The Prisoner is about freedom of mind, not freedom of small mistakes.

    1. Q.e.d.! :) The above should read freedom from small mistakes instead of freedom of small mistakes.

    2. The problem with trying to make clever remarks is that they need to be successful the first time around.
      However, as both you and David have corrected your mistakes, my work on behalf of the English language and this blog, a pairing not always made in heaven, is done for today.

    3. File Anonymous!
      "Overweening sense of self-importance. While here his egomania has if anything, increased!"

      John Darke

  3. Luckily the English language will always be more flexible and humorous than you seem to be. Also, isn't The Prisoner about using your own mind? I guess most readers would have guessed what I tried to say, even without correction.