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Thursday 31 July 2014

What's That No.6 Up To?

   We are grateful to No.6 for volunteering to test drive the new off road village transport, the Mini-Moke. Also No.6 has volunteered to test the new safety device, an air bag, which inflates when the vehicle collides with something, or impacts with something causing an accident.
    Here we see No.6 driving the Mini-Moke along the beach at high speed.

Suddenly the Mini-Moke is jolted by a hump on the beach, No.6 is thrown out of the vehicle. Once the impact is felt, the air-bag is activated and deployed.
    Once deployed, the airbag then protects the driver against the impact with a foreign object in an accident situation.

    It has been suggested to the team of designers, that perhaps it would be better if the air-bag was not an external device, as pictured here. But an internal device fitted to the interior of the Mini-Moke, perhaps to be fitted in the steeling wheel for example.

Be seeing you.

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