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Sunday 20 July 2014

Living Disharmoniously

    Number 6 was certainly disharmonious about the possibility of ‘A Change of Mind,’ almost as much as he was about Living In Harmony! Neither one seemed to appeal to him for one reason or another, such was the man's unmutuality demonstrated in both episodes. Because ‘Living In Harmony’ is a definite way to describe how The Villages administration would like its citizens to live... in harmony with one another. But even then there's a great deal of unmutuality about the village, even when you don't bring Number 6 into the equation. There's the 'lobo-man'-Number 46 who has already gone through the ordeal of 'Instant Social Conversion', a lobotomy. In other words the dislocation of the frontal lobes! There's Number 42 who is always in tears, can't see what's so unmutual about that, being emotionally disturbed. Oh but then she failed to recognise Number 10's greeting, at the time when she says she was busy composing poetry. Number 93 was inadequate and disharmonious. Then there is Number 86 who was once herself posted as being 'unmutual', how terrible for her! But hang on a minute, if Number 42 was unmutual by ignoring Number 10's greeting, how about that woman Number 61 who Number 6 greeted with a Village salute and the greeting "A beautiful day Number Sixty One." But Number 61 ignored Number 6's greeting, was she posted as being unmutual I wonder?
     And certainly Number 6 is disharmonious about ‘Living In Harmony,’ because when one of the town's people asks him "Well stranger, fancy living in Harmony?" he replies that it's "Not my kind of town." Others tell the stranger that it’s a good town. The stranger tells them to "Enjoy it." And the town’s people ask the stranger what's wrong with their town, he replies "Maybe I don't like the way it's run." "Oh you just do as the Judge says, he'll look after you." The stranger responds with "I look after myself!" "It's a good town" the town Elder insists. "Keep it!" the stranger tells him, and you can't get more disharmonious or unmutal than that!
   So be it to live in Harmony, or being disharmonious about ‘A Change of Mind,’ both can be associated with either episode, and for the very same reasons. And one further observation might be, that the town's people of Harmony would fit straight in with the community of the village during the episode of ‘A Change of Mind.’ Mind you, having said that, Zeke, who doesn't need to wear a gun, is one of the mechanics seen working on the jet boat during the episode of ‘Free For All,’ and who gets into a fight with No.6 aboard that very same boat. So what price other towns people of Harmony being of those good citizens of The Village?

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