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Sunday 27 July 2014

Shouldn't You Be Doing This In The Hospital?

   Well of course he should! Had the doctor Number 40 carried out that experiment using Dutton as a communications medium in attempting to gain information from Number 6, then perhaps then Number 2 wouldn't have had the opportunity to intervene. This was just as well, otherwise should the doctor not curb his enthusiasm, then Number 6 might very well have ended up like  Roland Walter Dutton. The doctor is too keen you see. He was allowed to go beyond the limit with Dutton, he was expendable. Whereas with Number 6, he has Number 2 to protect him against people like the doctor-Number 40, protection which is not afforded to Number 43.

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  1. "then Number 6 might very well have ended up like Walter Roland Dutton."

    Well, that's the right number of words now but not necessarily in the right order.

    How can you call yourself a leading authority if you can't get the name of one of the landmark characters correct?

    1. Hello anonymous,
      "We all have to make mistakes, sometimes we have to!"
      I suppose a good man like you never makes mistakes!

      John Darke

    2. That's tidy coming from someone who can't even spell 'Drake'!

    3. Oh dear! That really is pathetic! Your antagonism knows no bounds. Not content with criticising, and insulting David with a personal attack, you have the impertinence to suggest I don’t know how to spell my own name.

      John Darke