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Tuesday 8 July 2014

Thought For The Day

   I wonder if the Prisoner-Number 6 has a problem with technology, machines, science, that kind of thing. Because on the day he arrived in The Village he trampled a loudspeaker to pieces underfoot. Another time he placed a speaker in the refrigerator. He took against The General, taking the Professor's message to heart that the General must be destroyed, and seeing to it himself that it is! When faced with a teleprinter his first instinct is to rip the guts out of it. As for science he sees how that can be perverted when having his fingerprints checked for the identity of 'The Schizoid Man.' Perhaps that's why the Prisoner was trying to protect Professor Seltzman and his mind transference process, that he saw that it could be perverted. Which of course it was, seeing as how Number 2 and his administration could use it to break the security of any nation. Nations have in their prisons one or two of each others spies. From time to time diplomatic swaps are made. All that needs to take place, is to return a spy with a mind of their choosing! If the Prisoner realised that, it's no wonder he kept the location of Professor Seltzman to himself!



  1. Less a problem with technology, machines or science I would maintain. But knowing, being aware of the Janus-face, the dual-use capability of science in general. It all depends on the question who's responsible, who's in charge and who cares. - BCNU!

    1. Hello Arno,
      An interesting point, I had not thought of it quite like that. Who's responsible? - No.1 Who's in charge? - No.1 Who cares/ - No.6!

      Very best regards

  2. The way that Number 6 was unhesitatingly able to programme the rocket controls to launch Number 1 into space suggests he had no problem with technology, machines, science, that kind of thing.