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Saturday 19 July 2014

Thought For The Day

   The Prisoner Number 6 woke one morning to find The Village deserted. After carrying out an initial investigation, his next instinct is to get away from The Village himself. I wonder if it ever Number 6 bothered to ask himself where everyone had gone, and why hadn't they taken him with them? Thorpe, who calls a spade a spade except when it's a shovel, mocked their ex-colleagues photographic evidence "Photographs taken at ground level of a holiday resort" suggested that perhaps they'd gone on the democratic annual outing!
   Thorpe also said of their ex-colleague, as he set off back to The Village "Interesting fellow." "He's an old, old friend who never gives up" said the Colonel. So the Colonel knew the Prisoner, but I don't think Thorpe did!
   Peter Smith said he had two calls to make, one in the country, and one in town. How did he know he had to make two calls? How did he know that the Colonel would be at the residence in the Country, unless it was......just a minute! Yes, just as I thought. During 'The Chimes of Big Ben' Number 6 and Nadia landed in an office that the Prisoner knows very well, the Colonel's office. I have often thought why didn't Number 6 go to see the Colonel in that very same office in 'Many happy Returns?' Well he did go to see the man to whom he handed in is letter of resignation, perhaps to simply tell the man he was back, maybe to check up on the Colonel's whereabouts. As for the Colonel....well in March 1967 the 18th was on a Saturday when Number 6 finally arrived home. It being a weekend the Colonel probably wouldn't have been in his office, Number 6 would have known that, hence his second call in the country to the Colonel's country residence!

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