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Monday 14 July 2014

Falling Out!

    Some would have it that the Prisoner is some kind of hero, even an anti-hero. While others see him as a rebel, and yet he wasn’t a rebel in everyday life, he worked for the Establishment. A cog in the machine you could say. Yes, he rejects The Village, well who wouldn’t, having been abducted from one's home to wake up a prisoner in a detention centre. Yes the Prisoner refuses to wear his number because they’ve taken away his real identity and given him a number. A number which he refuses to accept or respond to, except when it suits him. He refuses to settle down and join in, only joining in when it suits him to do so. Yet there can be no doubt that the Prisoner is an angry man, a man capable of violence, violence which he takes to extremes by instigating the bloody and murderous revolution of 'Fall Out!'
   I wonder what the Establishment will think when they find out that in ceasing to work for it, it is one of its own cogs that has caused the machine, The Village, to grind to a halt?!


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