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Saturday 19 July 2014

Observers Report

   I had been of the opinion that it might have been a female Number2 having undertaken the logistical task during 'Many Happy Returns,' that perhaps it might have been Mrs. Butterworth. However taking the opening sequence literally, then Number 2 at the outset of 'Many Happy Returns' must be a man. We see it is a man, and hear a man's voice, so there's no arguing with the evidence. So why not a man....well its the black cat. Number 2 of 'Dance of the Dead' said the cat belongs to her. And yet at the end of 'Many happy Returns,' the black cat is at Mrs. Butterworth/Number 2's feet when she brings Number 6 his promised cake.
  Then there's Number 6.
  We watch Number 6 fell a tree, only its not a tree, its a log!
  You can tell its a log, because of the sound, the tree trunk sounds like a log falling to the ground and not that of a full-sized tree, because you don't here the breaking and snapping of branches, just a thud on the ground! I suppose Number 6 could have lopped off the top of the tree, but how did he manage to do that, and more to the point, should he feel the need to?
   At least this time he's found a axe with which to fell the log, unlike the previous time when he had to use a stone axe. But the top picture still isn't right. Yes Number 6 is chopping away with his axe, but looking at the image, one can see where a chainsaw has been used to make the original cut, leaving just enough for Patrick McGoohan to finish the job off for the scene!

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