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Monday 28 July 2014

Village Observation

    When Number 6 wakes up in what appears to be a deserted Village in ‘Many Happy Returns,’ after he has made a rudimentary search, and tried to raise the alarm by ringing the bell in the Bell Tower, naturally his next thought is to escape The Village. He comes across a taxi parked in the street, what’s more the key has been left in the ignition. The Prisoner drives the taxi out of The Village and along a well used track into the open countryside. However the track appears to come to an end. The Prisoner stops the taxi, alights to find his way barred by the mountains, which are quite impassable. In fact The Village is surrounded on three sides by the mountain range. However, when the Prisoner finds The Village, and flies over it in the Gloster Meteor jet at the end of episode, where is the range of mountains?


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