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Tuesday 15 July 2014

Modern Day Espionage

    They hack into your mobile, your computer and no matter how good your security, there is always a way to by-pass it. There are people out there who want to read millions upon millions of emails, texts and messages sent by all of us. Well if that happens someones going to be exceedingly busy! I wonder what they'll make of my blog should anyone in official circles read it?
  I received an email yesterday from a friend and reader talking about the recent NSA espionage activities in Germany, against everything and everyone. Even Chancellor Merkel's smartphone has been hacked you will recall. Now it seems that any secret documents or reports will by typed using "old school' mechanical typewriters. This idea is also being implemented by Russian security in order to beat the NSA!
   This being the case, any espionage agent who wants to gain any such mechanically typed document will have to resort to good old fashioned photography, even taking pictures on microfilm. Then to reduced that information onto a microdot, well perhaps that's going back a little too far. But it would seem that if one is going to use countermeasures against espionage, you cannot beat good old fashioned technology. 
   So what's this got to do with 'the Prisoner?' Well not a lot, except for the mechanical typing used to "X" out the Prisoner identity or computer card in the opening sequence.
    In this marvellous age of technology, it must be remembered that a human agency is still required. Back in the bygone days of 'the Prisoner,' it took a person, perhaps someone in the typing pool, who had to use a mechanical typewriter, not even an electric typewriter, to "X" out that card.

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  1. Remember what agent Maxwell Smart and his boss did to secure their conversations? They'd put their heads together under an oversized hair dryer hood. - BCNU!

    1. Hello Arno,
      'Get Smart,' haven't seen that since I was a boy. But I remember Maxwell Smart and his chief putting their heads together under that over-sized glass canopy....the Cone of Silence' it was called.

      Very kind regards