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Friday 25 July 2014


    The way No.6 mets No.1.
    Symbolic, in which way? Possibly in the way that unless one realises that you are the sole influence over your own actions, you will remain a Prisoner! Well that's what they say, or at least what someone once said at sometime or other. And only when Number 6 realises that he is Number 1, not only being responsible for the infrastructure and materialistic structure of The Village, but also that of his own incarceration, and masochistic treatment therein. However once Number 6 realises this he rejects what he has become, and is he able to break free and finally escape his prison of The Village, and at the very same moment as Number 1. And yet the Prisoner is just as much a prisoner at the end as he was at the beginning, and despite the falling out. The Prisoner may well have had knowledge of a secret nature, but now he knows more than ever, about The Village, and that’s far too much information for his own good, and surely he cannot be allowed to roam free at large. Meaning there’s only one place to put such a man…..back in The Village!

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