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Thursday 17 July 2014

A Cog In The Machine

    That’s how in ‘The General’ Number 12 described himself to Number 6, as a cog in the machine. And Number 1 is the ghost in the machine, as a cog that no longer works like clockwork. Somehow the ghost in the machine has lost control of the cog. In that Number 1 and Number 6 became separated somehow. I think it is fair to say that Number 6 had once been a cog in the machine of the Establishment before he resigned, but in what capacity has remained a mystery for the past 47 years. Perhaps in resigning, the Prisoner finally decided that he would no longer be a slave to the machine. But the machine reacted, and the cog thrown onto the scrap heap, like so much scrap! Oh the scrap heap? That’s The Village, where people who have gone wrong, have broken down, for whatever reason, are put perhaps to be repaired or re-conditioned if you prefer, and made useful again. As in the case of Cobb, after all he was keen not to keep his new masters waiting!

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