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Thursday 10 July 2014

Thought For The Day

    That Tally Ho broadsheet headline “Is No.2 Fit For Further Term?” I got to thinking about that, and it seems strange that there should already be a question mark over this No.2’s administrative ability, if this is his first term in office. But what if it wasn’t, what if what we see in ‘A B and C’ is No.2 having recently commenced on his second term in office? As Number 2 says in the exchange of dialogue during the opening sequence, Number 6 asks “Who are you?” To which the reply comes “I am Number Two,” not “I am the new Number Two,” as he says in ‘The General’s’ opening sequence. The former suggests to me that Number 2 was the new Number 2, but in ‘A B and C’ he’s still Number 2.
   So seeing as how No.2 made a dogs dinner of the educational experiment of Speedlearn, in not only the destruction of the General, but also the deaths of both the Professor and No.12 of Administration. It was decided that No.2 should be kept well away from administrative details, and instead to be allowed to turn his attention to the Prisoner-No.6, and the reason behind his resignation. Thereby No.2 having only recently commenced on a second term in office, together with the fact that he drinks a great deal of milk, there is the question “Is No.2 Fit For Further Term?” Milk you see may make for good temper, it sooths a stomach ulcer. Hence the question refers to No.2’s health, rather than his administrative ability. Of course if ‘A B and C’ is No.2’s second term in office, the headline may refer to the fact that this No.2 is likely to be in line for a third term.
   Now I know what you are thinking, in ‘The General,’ which comes after ‘A B and C’ No.2 tells Madam Professor that he and No.6 are old friends, meaning they have met previously, in ‘A B and C.’ And you are now asking yourself, how does he account for this in the above piece? Well quite frankly I ignored that. Because as you know with ‘the Prisoner,’ it is very difficult to make all the pieces fit!

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