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Saturday 26 July 2014

Thought For The Day

    In a recent comment regarding the Therapy Zone, suggesting that perhaps Number 2 should have actually got Number 6 drunk on 100% proof drink, then he would have talked his head off. I was reminded by an anonymous, that 100% proof alcohol is poison. Anonymous also asked me where I got my information, and remarked on "my imagination?!"
   Well I never replied to that comment, but it did get me thinking, and my thoughts turned to 'Once Upon A Time.' Number 2 asks Number 6 to join him. They enter the cage. Number 2 gets two wine glasses from a cupboard. He opens a bottle of whisky.
Number 6 says "Neat!" "One hundred percent proof" Number 2 replies having put the cork back in the bottle. So that's where I got my information from about the proofage of the drink. Although the whisky being drunk is 100% percent proof, it is drinkable, and will not kill you, only if you drink sufficient to poison the blood, which is alcoholic poisoning. There are in fact many alcoholic drinks which are 150% proof and are still drinkable. So it wasn't the drink after all that put paid to Number 2, and was not the cause of his death. But of course there is a piece which does not fit this puzzle, the fact that Number 6 also drank from that bottle, but it didn't kill him! And yet even if 100% proof whisky is poison, it wouldn't kill Number 2 so quickly. So it wasn't the drink after all! Perhaps Number 2's glass was laced with poison. But who could have done that? Perhaps the butler did it. And yet if it was, how would the butler know which glass Number 2 would drink from? Another piece of the jigsaw that doesn't fit!

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