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Sunday 13 July 2014

Thought For The Day

   Speedlearn, the educational experiment being carried out on the citizens of The Village, is one of those things that we just accept in a "matter of fact" style. However the inception of Speedlearn, and the commencement of the experiment must have begun sometime before the advent of the episode 'The General,' because students are already undergoing the courses provided by the Educational Board. meaning that Speedlearn has long been instilled into Village life and its students education, well all but one that is, Number 6 seeing, as he's not one of the Professor's students!
   Number 6 is sitting at a table at the cafe when there's an announcement made from the Generals department, indicating that all students taking the three part history course should return to their dwellings immediately, as the Professor will be lecturing in approximately thirty minutes. Judging by his conversation with the waiter, Number 6 doesn't seem to know anything about Speedlearn, the Professor, or the General. This begs the question, where has he been all this time?
    So, with Speedlearn already a successful human experiment, its students reaping its rewards in 'The General,' it would seem that the inception of Speedlearn into The Village, is another of those aspects to 'the Prisoner' to which the television viewer is not privy. It is left to our imagination the arrival of the Professor and Madam Professor in The Village, together with the General, and the actual commencement of the educational experiment of Speedlearn. To help with this one thinks of the busts, Madam Professor's simple finger exercises. Amongst them is a bust of Number 2 from 'The Chimes of Big Ben,' perhaps Madam Professor entered that particular bust for the 'Arts and Crafts Exhibition.' That is a possible indication of how long the Professor and his wife have been in The Village. And there is one further bust amongst those belonging to madam Professor, that of Number 6. A study from life? How can it possibly be, when Number 6 doesn't even know of the Professor's and his wife's existence?

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