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Tuesday 8 July 2014

Password Gemini!

    "What’s the password?” asks a Guardian
   “Gemini” Number 6 responds.
   “That’s not the password” says the other Guardian, and then that’s when the fight breaks out.
   The password “Gemini” was unknown to the two Guardians who approached Number 6 that evening during ‘The Schizoid Man,’ because Number 2 had not furnished them with that particular password, only that of “Schizoid Man.” Because of a comment made by Arno yesterday on ‘Quote For The Day,’ I suddenly saw the password “Gemini” as a safety net only for Number 2, this in anticipation of something going drastically wrong, such as Number 6 exchanging blazers with Curtis, as well as identities, which Number 6 in fact did.
   Now assuming the identity of Curtis, he telephones Number 2 in order to report his own death. Number 2 asks “What’s the password?” “Schizoid Man” Number 6 responds, and goes on to report his own death. So having given the correct password for Curtis, Number 6 can now wear the cream blazer and assume the identity of Curtis as he goes to report to Number 2 in his office.
    But what if Number 6 had not been able to gain the “Schizoid Man” password from Curtis? Number 6 would have to give the password “Gemini,” and that would have given the game away to Number 2, as he would then have known he was dealing with Number 6, and not Curtis!

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