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Monday 14 July 2014

A Not so Favourite Character

    A gentle giant who nibbles delicately on a short cake biscuit! His voice sends a chill down the spine during his questioning of No.6 "The trivia.....the trivia of your res-ig-nation. You resigned prematurely....why, why-did-you-resign?" Then after he has irritated No.6 by suggesting that it was time that the Prisoner needed. "You couldn't stand your needed time to think." The Prisoner shouts "No, no!" "I'm asking you, not telling you" and No.2 is anxious to calm No.6 when asked "Please don't be angry." "I'm not angry my dear friend, No.2 tells No.6 in a soothing whispering voice "that's just the way things seem to be to you.....Because your new world is so quiet by contrast." I can hear No.2's voice now, and it still sends a shiver down the spine, even today!     

I'll be seeing you  

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