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Saturday 19 July 2014

More Village

    The Road To Hell Is paved With Good Intentions. With THEPRIS6NER being all in the mind, together with the fact that I live with the Prisoner every single day of my life, I wonder if I could make a better Village, a moral Village, to give freedom within the prison? I can certainly think of a few people who are in need of being "fixed!"
    We all, each and everyone of us carry our own Village inside our heads each and everyday. I'm pretty sure none of you would wish to live in my Village, no matter how good my intentions are to begin with. And I'm sure all I would want to do is escape yours, because no matter who you are, no two Villages would be the same, unless of course you're like me, married to a woman who shares my passion for THEPRIS6NER.
   The Solar cafe was blown up! The report was that the explosion was caused by a major gas leak, a gas leak reported in a news report over the radio stemming from New York! Several people were injured in that explosion, but the waitress 455 was killed. I would imagine the reason being was that she was getting close to Six. But this isn't the first time that a gas leak had cause an explosion in New York, Michael's apartment was blown up in such an explosion, and Lucy died in that explosion! At the time I thought that the explosion in which Lucy died in New York, was the one being reported over the radio. But that would be ridiculous, the blowing up of Michaels apartment wouldn't happen for another three episodes! And yet, in Anvil the schoolgirl 1,100 is seen in the Therapy Zone before Two sends her there for treatment. So I suppose anything is possible, I told you it messes with the mind!
    Will THEPRIS6NER stand the test of time? Well only time will tell. After all it took the original series of ‘the Prisoner’ ten years before it received a growing appreciation. Will THEPRIS6NER become a cult like its predecessor? Amongst its enthusiasts perhaps, but not so wide-spread. I'm not sure if that was the original purpose behind the idea. More, it demonstrates the kind of society in which we live today. It’s an action adventure, a thriller, and the more one thinks about it, the more it messes with the mind! 
    I was interested to learn what scriptwriter Bill Gallagher's take on the origin of "Rover" would be, seeing as we never learn of The Village Guardians origin in the original series. I know the producers thought to replace “Rover” but quickly learned that a weather balloon is a hard act to follow. So Rover was retained, but upgraded by CGI. Well you know what they say, if its not broken why fix it. Yes I know I’ve just left the door wide open, if the old series isn’t broken, why bother to make the 2009 series? Because it was bound to happen sooner or later, a television series, or film.
But it’s interesting that The Village Guardian in this series has been made to be conjured up in the Prisoner's mind, as it’s not a million miles from what enthusiasts have theorised about “Rover” of the original series!
     Speaking for myself, I feel that THEPRIS6NER has breathed new life into the Prisoner enigma, not that I think ‘the Prisoner’ has become stale, I still fully enjoy writing blog about the series. But watching ‘the Prisoner,’ well perhaps I have become over familiar with the series having watched it so many times. At this current time my wife and I are watching 7 episodes of ‘the Prisoner.’ The inspiration behind this is having watched the six episodes of THEPRIS6NER, as well as PMcG’s original idea of having just 7 episodes. Ah, but which seven episodes? Well as a matter of fact our favourite seven episodes, commencing with ‘Arrival’ and ending with ‘Hammer Into Anvil.’ As for the six episodes of THEPRIS6NER, well I have only watched the series 9 times, so it is still fresh in the mind.

Breathe in….breathe out…more Village
Be seeing you

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