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Sunday 20 July 2014

Caught On Camera!

    Number 6 was extremely lucky with that roll of film containing his photographic evidence of The Village, and his log written on the back of The Tally Ho,because they should have suffered from water damage. Possibly being completely ruined, seeing as the polythene bag containing the two items is not watertight!
   But at least having reached land fall, he knows where he is.
    He's at Beachy Head, and he should have known that. And yet with the two Gypsy's using Romany language, this gives the impression, or I suppose was supposed to give a false impression, that the Prisoner was in another land, not back in England. And yet there is only one Beachy Head, and the Prisoner should have known that. Perhaps he did.
  And finally.
   Number 6 gives the impression of just what he is, a prisoner on the run! Oh not in the usual way, but on the run from The Village, another altogether different detention centre. But nevertheless....a prison!

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  1. No. 6's usual private holidays surely carried him farer away than to the English south coast and Beachy Head. Hence it isn't too far-fetched assuming he didn't recognise the place he was washed ashore. Mind you, a steep coast with chalk rocks can also be found at the Baltic Sea, the German and/or (a few miles from the) Polish coast, perhaps with a lighthouse. - BCNU!

    1. Hello Arno,
      Yes that is always a possibility. But here in Britain the lighthouse at Beachy Head is an iconic image, iconic as the Eifel Tower is in Paris. Even if the Prisoner had not been to Beachy Head before, he would have recognisd the lighthouse for what it is. I've not been to Beachy Head, but I recoginise the lighthouse. So the Prisoner should have known. Mind you its not easy getting all the pieces to fit. Because Number 6, when they are attempting to calculate the search area for The Village, Number 6 asks where was the lighthouse. So perhaps he didn't know!

      Very kind regards