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Tuesday 29 July 2014

Bureau of Visual Records

   Above is the scene that the Prisoner sees when he looks out of his cottage window upon his return to The Village in 'Many Happy Returns.' It always seems to me that the Prisoner arrives back in The Village on the morning of 'Dance of the Dead, seeing as how that's the Carnival parade taking place down in the square. But unfortunately there is a piece that doesn't fit that idea, Mrs. Butterworth as Number 2, which is a pity, because there's Number 2-Peter Pan to take into account. Also what needs taking into account, is the fact that this isn't the scene the Prisoner would have seen when he looked out of his cottage window, it should have been a different angle altogether.
  Such as this angle, seen from the window of the cottage '6 Private' on the day of the prisoner's arrival in The Village. Such is the extent of the manipulation in The Village, that even when one looks out of the window one cannot be sure of the view!

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