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Friday, 4 July 2014

Free for All And The Desire For Power

     After the game of human chess during the episode of ‘Checkmate,’ No.14- the chess champion and rumoured ex-Count, informs No.6 that the human chess matches are the only way to satisfy the desire for power in The Village. Well No.6 received that feeling of power after being elected to the lofty position of No.2-Chairman of The Village. But having risen to the position of No.2 No.6 gained absolutely nothing, and received a beating for his trouble! Those two boat mechanics finally being able to get their own back for the dunking No.6 gave them from the boat in the estuary, and with permission of the new No.2, being that of the former No.58 who now speaks perfect English in the process.
    At least No.6's motivations for "running for office" were not completely selfish, if not genuine. No.6 has a very large ego, and that ego has to be fed from time to time. But in this case his ego takes a beating as he took the physical beating in that cave next to the Green Dome. No.6 is made venerable to the village authorities because he entertains the idea of gaining power, power which he will use, as one might at first thought, to try and bring the system down from within. After all was it not No.2 in Arrival who first suggested that the Prisoner might even be given a position of authority, and why not? After all they see this man as having a future with them in The Village.
   But no, having been elected by the people, who at the end of the elections do not cheer the new No.2 who is presented to them, after they had cheered and shouted for No.2   
    "We want No.2, No.2, No.2. We want No.2, No.2, No.2, No.2, No.2"
    And when they finally got him, many of the citizens stared at him with mistrust! Those very same citizens who No.6 tried to tell that they are free. this is our chance.... this is our chance take it now. I have command, I will immobilise all electronic controls.... Listen to me......You are free to go.... You are free to go..... I am in command, obey me and be free.... You are free to to go."
    And the people didn't want to be free, in fact the people ignored his pleas booming out over The Village through the public address system. It had all been for nothing, and this should have taught No.6 something. "Everyone votes for a dictator" No.6's very own words, and that is just how he acted, like some dictator of a Banana republic! "Obey me and be free" free to go where, home? For many of the citizens home is The Village! Any place else they might be lost.
    So much for No.6's satisfaction for the desire of power. The Village system is demonstrated to be basically flawed. Inflexible, manipulative, and no matter how many elections are held, the administration of The Village is proved to be totalitarian, and there is no room for change.
   It should be noted that No.6 had never previously shown any signs of wanting to "run for office" or to take up any position of authority within The Village. He was simply caught up in the process, although once having the idea put to him by No.2, the possibility of actually "running for office" No.6 could hardly refuse, although some might have it that it should not be in No.6's character to "run for office." What could be attained by No.6, he could not possibly have known at the time. But it was a chance, and No.6 is never slow to let any opportunity pass him by.

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