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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Hammer Or Anvil?

    "You have to be hammer or anvil!" And Number 2 saw himself as the hammer, in fact Number 2 said he was going to hammer Number 6. The trouble with that is, the more hammering one does, the more likely it is to break, unlike the anvil! However in this case, Number 6 turned the tables on Number 2, and it was he the hammer and Number 2 the anvil, who only turned out to be a weak link in the chain of command. And you know what they way, any link is only as strong as it’s weakest link. But this would not be the only time Number 6 was to change places with Number 2.
  In some extreme cases the patient and the doctor change places, sometimes its essential. And in ‘Once Upon A Time’ the moment came when Number 6 {the patient} and Number 2 {the doctor} changed places. Even the butler detected that much, as the point arrived when he saw Number 6 as being the boss. But Number 1’s the boss as Number 6 pointed out. Perhaps in having changed places with Number 2, Number 1 was trying to get rid of 6 die Six, die, in a symbolic way.

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