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Saturday, 5 July 2014

More Village

   I think Ian McKellen is well suited in the role Two, gives me the creeps at times, especially whenever he tucks into a cherry cake. If I were Six I'd go running off into the desert and not come back. Well I suppose he must do, otherwise he wouldn't keep waking up in the desert would he? The nearest I get to waking up in the desert is in the kiddies sand pit in the local park, or is that Johnny Prisoner?
   It's nice to see Two has a Butler. In fact the look of that bald headed Butler put me in mind of actor Oliver MacGreevy who played the electrician and the gardener in ‘Arrival’ of the original series.
    What kind of life does M2 have in ‘The Village? She’s always asleep there, and there’s no need for that at all. You could have M2 awake in The Village, with Helen heavily sedated back in New York dreaming The Village, and when Helen is awake in New York, that’s when the holes appear in The Village. What’s more M2 would have got to know her son, and Two would have enjoyed The Village even more, as he would have had his wife with him all the time. Perhaps then Two wouldn’t have felt the need to pass The Village on to Six, while he himself escaped!
    I wonder just how old two’s son, 11-12, is? He looks to be in his late teens, and yet he has no memory of his childhood. It seems that being born of The Village one can be born at any age. Perhaps 11-12 is only a few years old, maybe only a few hours! The case being that 11-12 was created in M2’s/Helen’s subconscious, and never actually, physically gave birth to him. 11-12 has not had the opportunity to grow up, to grow his personality. It must be that M2/Helen gave 11-12 his personality. As for his enquiring mind, did she also give him that, or is it something 11-12 developed himself? Two said that 11-12 has an enquiring mind, that he wants to know about everything, including about Six, and the “other place.”
   As for Six, it’s the old, old story. Two might give Six just enough rope to hang himself, but on the other hand no harm must come to Six, he must survive!
   So there are no longer Observers in The Village, only Undercovers. The possibility that everyone in The Village is an Undercover, in other words everyone is watching everyone else. And everyone is suspect, because everyone is guilty of something, and sooner or later they show that guilt. Sounds like the Communists witch hunts of the 1950's if you ask me. Where people were watched by their neighbours if they become suspect of being a communist! And then I think of ‘A Change of Mind’ in the original series, and how that also reflects the American Communist witch hunts of the 1950’s.
   When I first watched ‘Anvil’ and heard Six ask that question “Who is Number One?” Apparently it’s the oldest question in Village history, so is this Village supposed to pre-date The Village of the original series? And if it is, why did Two give a smile to the Penny Farthing bicycle suspended from the ceiling of the ‘Go-Inside bar?’ It is a scene in which Two gives his appreciation of what has gone before, according to scriptwriter Bill Gallagher. Anyway, my ears suddenly pricked up, and I listened intently to the schoolgirl 1,100’s answer. “There is no Number One, and there never has been and there never will be. The concept of the number Two is an act of humility. The title reminds us all that we are all pubic servants, even Number Two. No-one is Number One.”
   Furthermore in the history class, the teacher 1955 asks the pupils who can tell him which Number 2 oversaw the reformation of The Village?........It was 2 the 14th. Who can tell me who was the first woman Number 2? One pupil answers “Was it Lady Number 2 the Great?” Both the question and the answer made me think of Number 2 of ‘Free For all,’ seeing as she was the first woman Number 2 in the series. Anyway, at least with this series I knew there could be no confrontation between Six and One at the end, there being no One!
    For the original series there was the idea that The village Guardian should drain the blood of its victims. This would have been demonstrated by the white membrane taking on a pinkish hue, or red. In this series, while in the cave of the Therapy Zone, the Guardian appears to absorb two Villagers by emanating a bright piecing white light.
     Two didn't like being spied on, did he? But I'll say this, I never thought that it was 1,100 who was doing the spying, and I should have, after Six had challenged the school class to find out who was running The Village and what they are up to. I mean it's all very well putting citizen against citizen. To watch suspects who may be "dreamers." But when you are the one being spied on, well Two didn't take to that at all! And by a little girl, no older than what 12 years of age. Oh Two congratulated 1,100 on her ability, and came over as a nice and kindly old man, and gave her an ice cream as a reward, but sadly not long enough for 1,100 to finish her ice cream before she was taken away in a old black Bedford van by men in white overalls for therapy. And I thought there would be a limit to which Two might go. But I was wrong. His kindliness makes Two even more menacing, because he is so unfeeling, so twisted, that he'll have anything done to anyone, man, woman, or child!
    It would seem that Two had sex with his mother! Was Two making a confession, or was he simply ridiculing the ‘Talking Therapy?’ “My mother sat me sideways on the potty when he was a toddler, so know I want to sleep with my mother!” He asked 70 if he had slept with his mother, 70 said that he hadn’t. Two said “Well don’t!” I mean, look what it did for Two!
   And finally an observation. If the Sea doesn’t really exist, why is it on the Map of The Village?

Breathe in….breathe out….more Village
Be seeing you……

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