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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Night Time In The Village

    "Sleep, sleep, that's it sleep until tomorrow, lovely gentle sleep, and a lovely tomorrow."
   The way that disembodied female voice tries to lull No.6 to sleep, during the evening of ‘Dance of the Dead,’ makes it sounds to me like a dose of brainwashing "a lovely tomorrow" my foot! Mind you the female announcer does make it sound most convincing, that perhaps she believes her own words. In fact I can see her face in my minds eye, her expression, sensing her ecstasy as she speaks. Perhaps she's the one who's been brainwashed! After all in order to make it work, doesn’t the manipulative suggester have to believe it herself? Perhaps not, but having a seductive and suggestive voice might help!

Be seeing you, and a beautiful tomorrow to you all.

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