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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Progress Report On Number 6

   Well that went well, the final desperate act to manipulate the Prisoner. Sit him in the chair of honour, make him sit through three trials. Heap praise on the Prisoner, build his confidence up. Bribe him with the key to his house, a passport valid for anywhere, a million pounds in travellers cheques, and a purse full of petty cash. Then let him make his speech, a speech that could only be his, but for them, and then not let anyone hear a single word the Prisoner has to say for himself! The Prisoner was brought before the Assembly to meet Number 1, well they let him, little good it will do him. The Prisoner was faced with himself once before, it was worth trying one more time I suppose. Oh well, what’s a little “falling out” between friends? It doesn’t really matter, seeing as there is nowhere the Prisoner cannot go which is beyond the reach of The Village. I’m sure they will have learned by their mistakes. The Prisoner resigned, if one cannot chuck up a job things have come to a pretty pass. Although I’m not so sure that the Prisoner will be taken to The Village simply because he resigned. But I’m sure that he will be made very welcome in The Village. Number 2 will brief  Number 6 about The Village, demonstrate the methods used, shown that there is no escape, he’ll soon get used to the way of things. Perhaps next time it will be different, perhaps Post 5 might even have the correct time!

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