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Friday, 4 July 2014

The Disappearance For A Second Time

    It was the Colonel and Thorpe who were there to see their ex-colleague off on his flight of discovery that time during ‘Many Happy Returns.’ I wonder how the Colonel felt when the news reached him of the disappearance of the Gloster Meteor jet aircraft? That his ex-colleague had died in an air accident at sea. Would that have sounded alarm bells I wonder. And how extensive would the search have been once the wreckage of the Meteor jet was discovered. If the aircraft was crashed deliberately, it may not have been of course, as it could have landed at The Village’s landing stage as previously mentioned in the episode of ‘The Schizoid Man.' But then their ex-colleague would still have disappeared, so surely his disappearance would still have seen a search initiated by the Colonel, with or without the recovery of wreckage of the aircraft.
   This is of course speculation, as one cannot tell how the Colonel would have reacted to the news of the second disappearance of his ex-colleague. However fictionally speaking, Thorpe would be meeting with his ex-colleague again soon in The Village during ‘Hammer Into Anvil.’

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