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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

A Change of Mind

   By the time of the Prisoner episode ‘A Change of Mind,’ Number6 must have had one, a change of mind that is! Because previously in ‘It’s Your Funeral’ he is the hero of the hour, saving the innocent citizens of The Village from possible mass reprisals at the instigation of the new Number2, for the assassination of the retiring Number 2. And yet by the time of the next episode ‘A Change of Mind’ comes along, Number 6 hasn’t turned his back on the community at large, only preferring his own company to that of others. He built himself a private gymnasium in the woods for example. But then that’s probably nothing to do with it, after all he had built his gymnasium even before that episode of ‘It’s Your Funeral,’ seeing as it features in his daily activity prognosis! I wonder why he stopped using The Village Gymnasium, apart from his daily Kosho practise I mean. And perhaps in that lies the answer. Kosho is a two-handed sport, whereas in his gymnasium in the woods working the bar and punch bag is a single-handed sport!
   So although it might look as though Number 6 has turned his back on the community after having saved it, the shoe is actually on the other foot. Now Number 6 is suddenly the villain of the piece The whole community have turned their backs on him, such is the power of the Committee, under the manipulation of Number 2!
   Unmutualism you see, its not so much more than a game. As when Number 6 greets a woman soon after leaving the Town Hall, “Beautiful day Number Sixty-one” Number 61 ignores Number 6’s greeting, surely 61 should be posted disharmonious for ignoring his greeting. After all that’s what happened to Number 42 when she ignored Number 10’s greeting, that time she said she was composing poetry. It’s a fragile thing this unmutualism, anyone can be accused of it, and for the least possible reason!

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