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Friday 12 September 2014

It Is Isn’t - Isn’t It Different?

   Number 6 risked his life, and Nadia’s to return home because he thought it was different, “It is, isn’t it, isn’t it different?” Well in a way it was different, because ZM73 {I call him that for want of a better name} isn’t one of “them” any more, he resigned {if one is permitted to resign from the British Intelligence} if ZM73 cares to recall. And yet, even after handing in that letter of resignation, he still went running back to them. He was still prepared to allow himself to be de-briefed by the Colonel. Well he had his own questions. He wasn’t sure which side runs The Village, seeing as he was surprised that the Colonel had no knowledge of The Village, but of course he had. And in another way the current situation was still the same, information was still required from the Prisoner, starting with why he resigned. Except it was the Colonel asking the questions instead of Number 2.
   I cannot believe that the reason why ZM73 resigned was so important. Unless of course they wanted to know why one of their own had gone wrong, after all it’s the British Civil Service we’re talking about. They had already lost Chambers late of the Foreign Office, not to mention Cobb who had gone missing from his hotel in Germany, and now ZM73 had resigned! Yes it’s no wonder they needed to know.

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