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Friday 19 September 2014

Village Life!

   Have you observed in 'It's Your Funeral,' how often Number 6 and Number 50-Monique enjoy a coffee together? Twice at the Cafe, and again on the lawn of the Old People's Home. Only three times? Funny it seemed more at the time of watching the episode. But at least they are enjoying the new cafe facilities provided by the retiring Number 2. That’s two cafes, is there room for two cafes in The Village, plus citizens can be served tea or coffee at the Old People's Home, so they’ve got the catering well in hand!

Be seeing you


  1. That must be one of the modernist coffee shops we hear so much about these days. They pop up everywhere you go.Perhaps the one operated by the Village wasn't making enougn money, the staff to be paid, you know - so, they commissioned it to a company or franchised it. - BCNU!

    1. Hello Arno,
      That's very good. But I was thinking, might not there also be room in The Village for a little Tea Shop? Perhaps the Tea Shop franchise could be given to Anne's Pantry, The Marigold Tea Rooms, or The Dutch Oven.

      Very kind regards