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Wednesday 10 September 2014

Quote For The Day

    "Old friends are the best friends."
                                        {The Judge - Living In Harmony}
   I'm not so sure that the Prisoner would agree with him. His old friends the Colonel, Fotheringay betrayed and deceived him. As for the Colonel and Thorpe they didn't exactly betray their ex-colleague, they just gave Number 6 enough rope to hang himself with, ie they did nothing to stop him from going back to The Village, Number 6 did that himself! Cobb, well his death was a deception, and when he was about to leave The Village, he spared a thought for Number 9, but not his old friend Number 6. Dutton, well he wasn't in a position to help himself, let alone Number 6. As for his once future father-in-law Sir Charles Portland, its by no means certain, as there is no real evidence to support the idea, that he was using Number 6 to find Professor Jacob Seltzman. And yet it is a possibility.
   As for Jim, well the old friends weren't the best friends for him. The Judge wanted to know what he had said to the Sheriff, so the Judge had his "boys" beat it out of him, they beat him to death in fact!

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