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Thursday 11 September 2014

Number Six Plays The game

    On the morning of ‘It’s Your Funeral’ after Number 6 was woken up by Monique-Number 50, he shouts aloud for all the Observers to hear "I won't go for it, whatever it is, so you may as well stop trying!" Yet during ‘Many Happy Returns’ it was a different state of affairs for Number 6, because on discovering that The Village was deserted, and being a man of action, he wasn’t about to hang around to find out why. Instead he played right into the hands of Number 2, such is the man’s predictability. They knew their subject all too well, and that he wouldn't be able to resist the chance of escape. And no better chance would present itself than this. It's just a pity that Number 6 didn't show a bit more of that individuality he's so keen on, not to go for it, whatever it is. He could have simply sat about waiting, and try to carry on the best he could until someone eventually showed up. That would depend on a waiting game, how long Number 2 could leave The Village in a dormant state. Number 6 could have started a fire, setting light to his cottage perhaps, that would surely have flushed someone out, along with The Village fire brigade! But I’m sure that that never once occurred to Number 6, he was in too much of a hurry to make good his escape. Number 6 went for it alright, big time, little good it did him of course. By the time of ‘It’s your Funeral,’ perhaps Number 6 tired of Number 2’s machinations. “I won’t go for it” he said “whatever it is, so you may as well stop trying!” But that’s the thing with Number 6, he cannot help but involve himself!

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