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Sunday 14 September 2014

The Disappearance A Second Time

    It was the Colonel and Thorpe who saw their ex-colleague off on his flight of discovery that time during ‘Many Happy Returns.’ I wonder how the Colonel felt when the news reached him of both the disappearance of the Gloster Meteor jet aircraft, and that of his ex-colleague? Surely that would have sounded alarm bells, if not in the Colonel’s head, then at RAF Gibraltar where the aircraft refuelled. Its possible a search for the aircraft would depend on whether or not the Colonel was in the pay of The Village. If he was, he would know the result of Number 6 finding The Village. But either way, surely the commander of RAF Gibraltar would conduct a search for the missing Gloster Meteor. What happened to the aircraft and the pilot is unknown. Perhaps the plane was ditched in the sea, and the pilot picked up by M.S. Polotska, and the aircraft left to sink into the sea, leaving no wreckage to be found.

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