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Saturday 20 September 2014

More Village

It's Wonkers!
   First we have The Village where daily life is much the same the one day as any other day. People happily going about their daily uncomplicated lives, most people completely unaware that they are Prisoners in The Village. But if that's not enough, the television broadcast company came up with the idea of 'Wonkers,' The Village soap opera about life in The Village.
   You see 765 is in love with 2330. 2356 is pregnant to 465, and 913 had an affair with 2330. So 765 is jealous of 2330 so she took her revenge by sleeping with 465, and now 2330 is leaving 465, because she loves his brother!
   But more than that, the soap opera 'Wonkers,' has been turned into a novel by Village Books. Now people living in The Village can read about life in The Village!

Breathe in....Breathe out...More Village!
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