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Friday 19 September 2014

Teabreak Teaser

Which is the worst ordeal for the Prisoner-Number 6?



  1. Hi David
    I think the worst ordeal No 6 underwent was during Free For All. I don’t think he’d been in the village very long, and didn’t realise how much they could manipulate his every move. Then, of course, the fight and the savage beating he received at the end of the episode.
    And in A Change of Mind, when he was declared unmutual. Even though he liked his own company it must have been an awful feeling that everyone was against him. One of my fav scenes in the entire series is when he is alone in the woods lost in thought as the wild geese fly past.
    Also, Many Happy Returns – ending up back in the village after having escaped. I don’t think I could have coped with that.
    I’m totally loving this blog. I can’t believe the amount of interesting info it contains. You are the Professor of Prisonerology!

    1. Hello Nadia,
      Nice to hear from you again, and thank you for your extremely kind words. I'm happy you appreciate my blog so much.
      This is a tricky subject, ' A Change of Mind' must have been a bad experience for Number 6, in having saved the citizens from the possibility of mass reprisals, the community turns its back on Number 6. There is a simple saying for this, Number 6 has been sent to Coventry. And so Number 6 is forced to live the life of the lone wolf!
      You are right in thinking that in 'Free For All' Number 6 had not been in The Village for long. As according to the library order of 'the Prisoner,' against the screening order, 'Free For All' was to have been the third episode. 'Many Happy Returns' was a dangerous episode for Number 6. He could have easily perished at sea, washed overboard and drowned. All that effort to return to London, and it could have all come to an end when he jumped out of the back of that van into the road, he could have been run down by a taxi, or bus. And to go through all that, and more, only to be returned back where he The Village. I think he took that really well.
      'The Schizoid Man' was pretty bad, Number 6 waking up to find he's someone else, and that someone else is going about The Village as him!
      For myself, I think 'Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling' was the worst ordeal for the Prisoner. To wake up in another man's body. Yes sent back to London, struggling to prove who he really is to those closest to him. And what if it had gone wrong in some way, the Prisoner's mind would have been housed in the Colonel's body until death.

      Very kind regards