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Thursday 11 September 2014

A Change Of Mind

    Subtlety it would seem, has been thrown out with the bath water in this episode, because here we have another Number 2 who is happy to allow "mob rule" in The Village. To borrow Number 6's own sayings "Good old fashioned brute force can be very effective." Especially when the citizens turn upon him with their own force and violence, lashing out at him with their umbrellas, as they will take no more of Number 6’s disharmony! Number 56 seems to take real pleasure from this, and look at the expression on her face, there is ferociousness there.

  Throughout Number 6's ordeal in The Village, he's roughed up more often than not. If you watch the scene carefully, as 52 and others hit Number 6 with their umbrellas, you can see Number 42 delivering karate chops to his neck!
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  1. Apart from other rather questionable production values of this episode this is a memorable scene. In a way it very physical and graphic "violence". Imagine a horde of matrons in front of your door! It's also not without an inherent irony, methinks. - BCNU!

    1. Hello Arno,
      Yes, the production of this episode is poor, well the money was running out! In this episode one could play "Spot The Village" when one considers the number of sets used, as well as large painted back-drops etc.
      A large horde of matrons at the front door...doesn't bear thinking about! Certainly the actress Pat Keen above, really puts her heart and soul into striking Patrick McGoohan with her umbrella.

      Very kind regards