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Sunday 28 September 2014

The Sense Of Fear

    Why did Rover attack Number 12-Curtis? He gave the password Schizoid Man, as confidently as Number 6 had done. There was nothing in his voice to suggest nervousness, he stood his ground as he gave the password.  So what was it that made the Guardian decide against Curtis and so attack him? Perhaps it was a sense of fear, the Guardian sensed Curtis’ fear. Because as the Guardian slowly approaches, Curtis backs away slightly, repeating the password, then realising that the password is not going to be accepted by the Guardian he becomes afraid and runs. That’s enough for the Guardian, as it moves in on its prey quickly before Curtis can escape, suffocating him into unconsciousness or to death. Had Number 6 not realised that there were two passwords, and had given the password Gemini to the Guardian, it might well have been himself being suffocated by that thing, instead of Curtis!

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