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Tuesday 16 September 2014

They Were Here When I Arrived!

    Number 6 is faced with the twelve out-going members of the Town Council, seeing as how he is there for the dissolution of that Town Council. However I'm sure that like the Civil Service which always constant no matter which party is in government, and so it is with the next Number 2.
   Number 6 was given the opportunity to question the members of the Town Council, which he does, yet at the same time he mocks and ridicules them. Can they laugh, can they cry, can they think? He holds up a copy of The Tally Ho, wanting to know if that's what they did to them until they gave them that they were after. If it is, then Number 6 can think himself fortunate that they haven't yet done that to him........reduced him to an imbecile that is.
   Later in the series there have been a number of complaints against Number 6, who eventually finds himself before the Committee for being disharmonious. Number 6 is asked by a voice on a tape machine if he has completed the questionnaire. Well of course, naturally, when in fact he had torn the questionnaire up and tossed it into the air like so much confetti. Number 6 is told not to be hostile to the Committee, who are there to help him. He's not being hostile, he's mocking the Committee, and no more than when he's told that the Committee is there to deal with his complaints. "Well done, I have several" says Number 6, turning the tables!

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