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Friday 12 September 2014

The Village - It’s An Education!

    So, the Professor and his wife went to The Village of their own free will did they? They certainly seemed to have had everything they needed. They had a very elegantly decorated house, and had both been very happy. Yes it looked like it!
   Why did they go to The Village of their own free will? Couldn’t the Professor lecture at any of the Universities, Colleges, or Polytechnics then? That The Village was the only place that he could find a job in education? Another question. How did the Professor and his wife learn of the existence of The Village in the first place? No doubt the Professor was recruited, and his loving wife came with him. Mind you, a man like the Professor who could give birth to something as complicated as the General, is a man worth having on your side. Indispensable even! But the thing is, the Professor didn’t give birth to the General. He didn’t love it with a passion, but I bet he did hate it. The fact of the matter is the Professor had been introduced to the General - his own words. As for Speedlearn, that was nothing to do with the Professor either, because all they needed was a Professor with a friendly face that the people learned to love, so that they’ll take anything from him. It’s the kindly image that is important.
   As for Madam Professor, she’s a lovely woman, warm and sympathetic. She’d have talked her husband into anything to keep him alive. In fact they were both necessary, the one for the other. If the Professor had failed to perform, then pressure can be brought to bear on his wife.
    Its always possible that the Professor had come to the end of his usefulness in the outside world, and was recruited for a special educational project for the Village which had excited him. Certainly he seemed to have been inspired by Speedlearn Well publicly anyway. Privately he thought Speedlearn was an abomination! It can be imagined that The Village was not what the Professor and his wife thought it would be like. They may very well have come to The Village of their own free will, but they were little more than prisoners themselves. Madam Professor’s freedom of movement is restricted to the house and garden, seeing as she is never once seen outside her home in The Village itself. Even her art seminars are held in the garden. While the Professor is either lying in bed having treatment, or working in the General’s office. He was seen once out and about, that was when he had dropped his tape recorder on the beach for someone to find. He then began to run away along the beach, but was eventually manhandled back to The Village by a number of his students. Was escape in the Professor’s mind at the time? Shouldn’t think so, after all he couldn’t run so far!
   Taking into consideration the Professor’s solemn message to the ladies and gentlemen of The Village, heard on the tape recorder, saying the General must be destroyed, it seems a contrary act on the part of the Professor to then try and save the General at the end.
    We can only try to imagine what was going through Madam Professor’s mind as she sits alone outside the French windows, grieving for her dead husband, and ruing the day they ever arrived in The Village.

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