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Monday 15 September 2014

Usual Sir?

 “Please Doris.”
    As far as can be ascertained, it was a pint of brown ale that Doris served Mister X with. It could have been a pint of mild beer, either that or Guinness. Perhaps a pint of brown and mild, but seeing as Doris didn’t pull the pint of beer from a tap or pump, it has to be a bottled beer, and that would be a pint of brown ale. However as Mister X drained the glass he could see the start of a message etched on the bottom of the glass. The more he drank the more of the message was revealed…….You have just been poisoned! Having placed the empty glass on the bar Doris the barmaid asked him if he wanted another. One of those was quite enough as it happened. What’s more it drove Mister x into taking swift and drastic action. He asked Doris for brandy, whisky, vodka, drambuie, Tia Maria, cointreau, grand marnier. Doris said he’d make himself sick, but would such a cocktail of drinks have made Mister X physically sick? Perhaps if someone was not used to heavy drink it might very easily, but it would depend on whether or not Mister X was a seasoned drinker. But of course we have to take the situation at face value, Mister X did. He couldn’t take the risk that his drink wasn’t actually laced with poison, hence drinking the cocktail of drinks in order to make himself physically sick. And yet, even if the pint of brown ale had not been laced with poison, the result would have still been very much the same. Mister X in the gents with his head in a toilet bowl!
   For Mister X to get that actual glass, Doris must have been in on it. Even if The Girl had been able to place the glass with the message on the bottom behind the bar, there could be no guarantee that Mister X would have been given that particular glass. It might have happened that one of the other customers could have been given that particular glass. Then everything would have been ruined! Its more than likely that Doris had been persuaded by The Girl that she wanted to play a joke on one of her customers, it might be that cash exchanged hands. It must have been a joke, as you have to ask yourself, would a barmaid actually have poisoned a customer’s drink? It seems highly unlikely, especially a regular barmaid as Doris clearly was. Mind you her choice of dress is questionable. As for The Girl herself, she’s as exaggerated as her cigarette holder!

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