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Monday 22 September 2014

Quote For The Day

  “No I assure you there’s no problem sir. We’re getting a hundred percent co-operation from everyone, and I’m anticipating a truly exciting result…… Who sir? Oh the professor, just a mild aberration I assure you, a couple of days rest and adjustment and he’ll be doing everything we need…..Yes, yes I will keep you in touch, in the closest touch….thank you sir. Probably the most important human experiment we’ve ever had to conduct, he’s treating it like a military exercise!”                            
                                                       {Number 2 on the telephone to a superior, presumably Number 1}  

    I get the feeling that Number 2 despises his superior. He sounds confident, and yet doubt impinges, it shows on his face when Number 1 asks him to keep him in touch. Also it would appear that Number 1 is being kept informed about the Professor's mild aberration, of running away along the beach, after hiding his tape recorder in the sand beforehand. The tape recorder with the message about the citizens being tricked, about Speedlearn being an abomination, and that the General must be destroyed! Informed by the Supervisor and the Observers, either that or observing for himself what is happening through that stainless steel electronic eye that orbits the Control room!

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