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Thursday 18 September 2014

The Rook

    Some would have it that the Rook-Number 53 had been brought to The Village in order to protect the secret of his invention of a new electronic defence system. Well that doesn't quite ring true, because the plans had already been stolen, by some petty bureaucrat who had let his bag get swiped! Those plans wouldn’t have been stolen by an agent of The Village, would they, by any chance? Seeing as The Beam is an electronic defence system.
   Number 53 may very well have been brought to The Village for a different reason altogether. To keep him out of harms way, by causing harm to the homeland, through his traitorous belief that he thought all nations should have his invention, the electronic defence system, which would have ensured world peace! The Rook is a man of high principles, as well as being a scientist that does not recognise the boundaries between countries.

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